What do you want to Know about Starting a Corporate Blog?

I often times find that many companies are confused when it comes to the benefits of corporate blogging. They know what a blog is and how it works. However, they are unsure of the benefits and why they need to get involved. Does this sound familiar?

Here are three common questions that are constantly thrown my way. Hopefully the answers will help you better understand why a corporate blog can help your business, regardless of the industry or size.

How often should I post?

This is a common question for a variety of reasons:

  • Most people have a difficult time finding enough time to make regular posts to their blog
  • A large number of people despise writing, making them wonder if a corporate blog is really “worth it”

While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, I always suggest posting two to four times per week if possible.

What should I say?

It is easy for me to sit here and say that you should make at least two posts per week. That being said, this is easier said than done in many situations.

If you need any guidance regarding what your posts should touch on, check out this article.

What can a blog do for my online presence?

With so many variables, there is no way of saying for sure how long it will take to see a positive impact or what to expect in terms of results.

As long as you stick with your blog, month after month, here are a few things you can eventually expect:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Engagement with your audience
  • The ability to show that you are an expert in your field

These are just a few of the many questions that you may have as you contemplate the need for a corporate blog.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me direct for more information.

Blogging for your Business – Three Types of Posts

If you don’t yet have a blog for your corporate website, there is no better time than now to make a change. A growing number of companies are beginning to realize the benefits of regularly scheduled blogging. Of course, this is easier said than done. Just because you have a blog does not mean you are taking full advantage of its power.

No matter if you write your own blog posts, hand this task off to an employee, or outsource, there are three “types” to focus on.

1. Informative. Regardless of your industry, it is safe to say that you can lend useful advice and information from time to time. For example, real estate agent blogs often times publish local home sales statistics. It is this type of information that not only attracts readers but allows them to dive in deeper for a full analysis.

Tip: make your blog posts as unique as possible. Even if you are writing about the same subject as others, your personal views and opinions can make your piece standout.

2. News. Did you recently eclipse an important company or industry milestone? Did you hire a new employee? If you feel that the news is worth sharing, publishing a blog post on the topic is a good place to start.

Tip: it is generally simple to turn a press release into a blog post.

3. Sales oriented. Some people push the line when it comes to sales content. Others back away from this completely. Whether or not you push your products and/or services via your blog is based largely on your company, industry, and personal opinion on doing so.

Tip: if you are interested in this type of post don’t go overboard. Through my personal experience, there is nothing wrong with a sales oriented post here and there. However, if you do this too often you may begin to put off your audience.

With the proper mix, you can be rest assured that your blog is always fresh while giving readers something to come back for on a regular basis.

How much Content does my Blog need?

One of my most popular services is blog post creation. In short, the client gives me targeted information pertaining to their blog and I ensure that it is moving forward in the right direction. From making regular posts to spreading the word via social media outlets, I do it all.

However, this often times leads to one very important question: how much content does my blog really need?

There is no “right or wrong” answer. Some people hire me to make several posts per day. Others only want to update their blog a couple of times per month.

Note: a blog is not the same as your “static” website. This is an area of your site that needs to be updated regularly. Not only is a blog a great outlet for staying in touch with clients and prospects, but the more unique content you add the more opportunity your site has for ranking high in the search engines.

Where should I Start?

Typically, my suggestion is the same across the board: 12 to 15 blog posts per month is a great place to start. This works out to approximately 3 to 4 posts per week. This is generally enough to keep readers happy while also making ground in the eyes of Google (as well as other search engines).

It may sound like a lot, but this level of posts is actually quite common for corporate clients. Many people only believe that this number is high because they cannot imagine writing so much during the course of one month. For guys like me, people who enjoy writing, this is not nearly as challenging as it sounds.

Final Thought

Quantity is important but it is far from the only thing your blog needs to succeed. It is essential that you also provide high quality, unique content that is targeted to your industry.

A Recent Sample for your Enjoyment

A few times a week, I will receive an email or phone call from a prospect asking for samples. While I have hundreds of these to supply, some are better targeted to that person than others.

I wanted to publish a link here to one of my most recent samples, giving everybody a better idea of my work including the types of content I produce.

The title of the post: The Cost of Going Green

It is a 500+ word blog post in the personal finance niche. Month after month, I provide this client with multiple blog posts as well as other types of content including product reviews.

As always, if you are interested in viewing more samples feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Is Unique Content Really that Important?

In my experience, for every one person who realizes the benefits of unique content there are three others who think this is nothing but a waste of time and money. They believe that adding duplicate content to their website or blog is neither a good thing or a bad thing.

Which group do you fit into?

Simply put, unique content is 100 percent necessary if you want to drive your site to the top of the search engines. Additionally, this is extremely important when it comes to keeping readers engaged.

Without unique content, you are not “bringing anything special to the party.” Instead, you are publishing material that is being used by at least one other website. What does this do for you?

If it is no good, why do so many people rely on duplicate content? There are two reasons:

  • It is easier to copy somebody else’s work
  • It is more affordable to scrape content (actually, it is free)

Not only are you harming your website when you use duplicate content, but you are damaging your reputation. You may be able to get away with this for a while, but soon enough somebody will call you out. Do you really want to give off this impression, especially to others in your industry?

Write it yourself or Hire a Professional

Despite working as a professional freelance writer for more than seven years, I am well aware that a large number of people – from single webmasters to large companies – would rather create their own content.

The primary benefit of writing your own content is that you can control every last element. On top of this, you probably have a solid grasp on the subject matter.

On the other hand, hiring a professional is beneficial for several reasons:

  • You can take a hands off approach, focusing more time on other tasks
  • Rely on somebody who knows the ins and outs of creating content for the internet
  • Get the best of the best in terms of on page SEO

With unique content, you have a better chance of your site ranking high in the search engines for your targeted keywords. Along with this, visitors will more thoroughly enjoy what you have to say.

Now what do you think about duplicate content? Hopefully you realize that this is a shortcut to nowhere!