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Key Takeaways from 7 Top Corporate Blogs

With a growing number of companies devoting more of their budget to content creation, there has never been a better time to learn from others. From your competition to companies in unrelated industries, don’t hesitate to pick up tidbits of knowledge here and there.

Below is a list of seven corporate blogs that can teach you something special.

1. The Datto Blog

Even though you may not be interested in comprehensive data backup solutions, there is a lot to learn from this company’s blog.

Takeaway: your corporate blog can be home to many types of content. This post is informational in style, while others, such as this one, are powered by another form of media, in this case a podcast.

Regardless of how it is presented, high quality content is high quality content. However, the Datto blog proves that content can be delivered in a variety of ways. Your audience is sure to enjoy the variation.

2. Kapost

As a content marketing company at heart, you can be rest assured that Kapost knows a thing or two about managing a highly effective corporate blog.

Takeaway: there is a lot to like about the Kapost blog, but the posting consistency is the main point worth noting. The company has struck a nice balance between posting too much and not enough. You can expect at least one or two posts per weekday, with each piece of content adhering to the highest of quality standards.

3. Aberdeen Group

If you don’t have the time or energy to create fresh content on a daily basis, the Aberdeen Group blog is one you should examine in great detail.

Takeaway: this blog is not updated daily, but it makes up for this by providing the highest quality posts in its industry. Take for example its post entitled “CRM + Sales Workflow: Removing the Friction from Your Pipeline.”

In addition to the content depth, this post, composed by the company’s Vice President & Research Group Director, contains a variety of statistics, plenty of links to more detailed information, and two detailed graphs.

When you have time to post new content, no matter how often, take quality cues from the Aberdeen Group blog.

4. Magnet Media

Your corporate blog is your online voice. This is your place to share advice, guidance, tips, and much more. It is also a great way to share information related to your company.

Takeaway: the Magnet Media blog proves that informational content can be intermingled with company updates. For example, this recent post discusses job openings within Magnet Media.

Don’t hesitate to share company updates on your corporate blog. You may be surprised to find that your audience is just as interested in these pieces.

5. Workday

A lack of personality can put a damper on your corporate blog. A multi-author blog makes it easy to fight against this common concern.

Takeaway: as you examine the Workday blog, you will find contributions from multiple authors. On its blog homepage, there are 13 featured posts written by nine different authors.

With thousands of employees, Workday is considered a big company. For this reason, they have the resources to hire outside help, when needed, while also generating content internally. You don’t have to go this far. You simply need to realize that adding another personality to your blog can be a good thing.

6. Zenefits

When it comes to HR management and automation, Zenefits is cream of the crop. As the “fastest growing SaaS company ever,” it is safe to say the company knows a few things about sales and marketing. This definitely holds true with its blog.

Takeaway: just the same as an email, you have a better chance of reaching your audience when you create an engaging title for your blog post. Zenefits does this right. Every post, regardless of the topic, is attractive to the eyes. Here is an example:

As excited as you may be about creating the meat of your post, don’t overlook the importance of crafting an attractive title. This can make or break your read rate.

7. DoubleDutch

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when creating content for your company blog. You want to do the right thing. You want to push content to your audience that provides great value. While your intentions are good, it is easy to overcomplicate the process.

Takeaway: the DoubleDutch blog reminds me of the old saying “keep it simple stupid.” No matter how it sounds, this is a good thing. A review of this blog shows that the company cares more about high quality content than anything else. From the layout to the color scheme, everything about the blog is simple. Readers can find what they are looking for and connect with the content on a personal level.

What Will You Learn?

You spend so much time developing your own corporate blog that you overlook what you can learn from others. Don’t let yourself continue down this path.

The seven blogs above are well worth a second look. As you review each one, keep the associated “takeaway” in mind.

Do you turn to any company blogs in particular for guidance?

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