How much Content does my Blog need?

One of my most popular services is blog post creation. In short, the client gives me targeted information pertaining to their blog and I ensure that it is moving forward in the right direction. From making regular posts to spreading the word via social media outlets, I do it all.

However, this often times leads to one very important question: how much content does my blog really need?

There is no “right or wrong” answer. Some people hire me to make several posts per day. Others only want to update their blog a couple of times per month.

Note: a blog is not the same as your “static” website. This is an area of your site that needs to be updated regularly. Not only is a blog a great outlet for staying in touch with clients and prospects, but the more unique content you add the more opportunity your site has for ranking high in the search engines.

Where should I Start?

Typically, my suggestion is the same across the board: 12 to 15 blog posts per month is a great place to start. This works out to approximately 3 to 4 posts per week. This is generally enough to keep readers happy while also making ground in the eyes of Google (as well as other search engines).

It may sound like a lot, but this level of posts is actually quite common for corporate clients. Many people only believe that this number is high because they cannot imagine writing so much during the course of one month. For guys like me, people who enjoy writing, this is not nearly as challenging as it sounds.

Final Thought

Quantity is important but it is far from the only thing your blog needs to succeed. It is essential that you also provide high quality, unique content that is targeted to your industry.

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