Blogging for your Business – Three Types of Posts

If you don’t yet have a blog for your corporate website, there is no better time than now to make a change. A growing number of companies are beginning to realize the benefits of regularly scheduled blogging. Of course, this is easier said than done. Just because you have a blog does not mean you are taking full advantage of its power.

No matter if you write your own blog posts, hand this task off to an employee, or outsource, there are three “types” to focus on.

1. Informative. Regardless of your industry, it is safe to say that you can lend useful advice and information from time to time. For example, real estate agent blogs often times publish local home sales statistics. It is this type of information that not only attracts readers but allows them to dive in deeper for a full analysis.

Tip: make your blog posts as unique as possible. Even if you are writing about the same subject as others, your personal views and opinions can make your piece standout.

2. News. Did you recently eclipse an important company or industry milestone? Did you hire a new employee? If you feel that the news is worth sharing, publishing a blog post on the topic is a good place to start.

Tip: it is generally simple to turn a press release into a blog post.

3. Sales oriented. Some people push the line when it comes to sales content. Others back away from this completely. Whether or not you push your products and/or services via your blog is based largely on your company, industry, and personal opinion on doing so.

Tip: if you are interested in this type of post don’t go overboard. Through my personal experience, there is nothing wrong with a sales oriented post here and there. However, if you do this too often you may begin to put off your audience.

With the proper mix, you can be rest assured that your blog is always fresh while giving readers something to come back for on a regular basis.

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