3 Structural Changes for your Next Blog Post

As you become more comfortable creating content for your corporate blog, you may slip into the trend of using the same structure time and time again. While there is nothing wrong with keeping the same basic structure, there are changes you can make to better engage your audience.

Here are three simple to implement structural changes that can yield positive results:

1. Use Lists

From numbers (the structure of this post) to bullet points, a lot of good can come from this approach.

From your perspective, lists will allow you to more efficiently gather and express your thoughts.

From the reader’s perspective, a list is easier to follow when compared to long paragraphs stacked on top of one another.

2. Question and Answer

As an industry expert, you know more than anybody what your audience is thinking. For this reason, it makes sense to pose questions from time to time in your blog posts.

By doing this, you can better identify with your audience while also providing answers to important questions.

3. Dig Up Quotes

This is not something you are likely to do with every blog post, but adding a quote here and there is an excellent idea. Here are a few places to turn for quotes:

  • Coworkers
  • Clients
  • Industry sources such as research firms and third party websites

Your voice and opinion may be solid, but there are times when adding a quote from another party is beneficial. It may take some time to dig up a quote, but in the end it will make for a much stronger post.

By making one or more of the structural changes detailed above, your next blog post will be easier to compose and more attractive to your audience. Furthermore, it will provide some variety, which is essential for those who have fallen into a rut.

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